Two at once during sex

Two at once during sex. Still have a question? Ask your own! Great! I love being the center of attention, I love having oral performed on me while I’m performing oral on one of the guys, I love being penetrated while performing oral on on of the guys,and I love, love, love double penetration, it always gives me the most fantastic orgasms. The only problem is it makes me crave double penetration all the time. It feels like wherever you turn, someone is there, wanting to get a piece of you. You have 4 sets of hands, all over your body and two sets of genitalia that are wanting to get inside your body in some way. If you are wanting to do double penetration, that is an amazing feeling! You feel very ‘full’ and although it is a bit difficult logistically to get in the right position, and sometimes, support two peoples weight and your own, it is incredibly fun. I loved having a guy behind me and a guy in front of me when I was working. It was one of the few times I really enjoyed myself with clients as it felt really naughty and objectifying. It really depends on the guys involved and on one's definition of sex. I have been with two or more men several times. Sometimes one of the men was shy and could not fully engage in the process, and I don’t mean just “did not have a working erection,” I mean that it was obvious that there was a “weak signal” coming from the second male participant - low enthusiasm, self-consciousness, lack of assertiveness in dealing with the woman. It wasn’t because I was not attractive to those less enthusiastic participants, because otherwise they were able to deal with me just fine when we were alone. Sometimes men had vastly different ideas of what to do, and while one was happy to have sex with me, another could be content with just standing there and watching or stroking my hand. As this was not my idea of “having sex with several men,” you can imagine my disappointment. It turns out that not everyone is as ready to communicate their desires and plans and to find common ground as I am, and if one or more of the partners just wanted to do something else with the woman, the MMF thing fell apart. Communication is extremely important in coupled sex - and it’s many times more so when the number of participants goes up! I’ve also participated in sex-like activities, mostly BDSM-inclined, with more than one man around me, and it is the same principle: if all participants are of the same mind regarding what to do, if everyone is on the same page and in the same mindwave, the result is amazing. The interaction is intense and the result is mind-blowing. And if they’re not, a cart with wheels all pointing in various directions won’t be going anywhere.
Date: May 15, 2018