I know, give me a group of uniformed school girls, and I’ll probably cosplay them all ? Oops I dropped this here. Once again, I have to say thanks SO much to Purple Plum Inc. for a chance to play the Hiiragi twins with their Miku wig in Lavender Purple! ? I’m especially loving how Kagami came out! “Kagami, you can’t change your hair, pigtails are the classic tsundere hairstyle!!” ? And yes, even with Dr. Strange’s vision, there’s still a 14 million+ chance of failure ? (convenient writing will take care of that though, lol) * White Queen from Alice in Wonderland * ? My White Queen cosplay photographed by @catmeleonstudi o during Fotocon 2017 ? My Alexstrasza costume during last year Warsaw Comic Con ? Photo taken by MLC Foto . . . [sorry, just an info about polish convention 😉 I made this two breastplates for my stage extras ] ? PYRKON JUŻ JUTRO OMFG W piątek i niedziele będę nikim, w sobotę w sumie też, ale przynajmniej w stroju Alexstraszy 🙂 Nie udało mi się przygotować dla siebie żadnego nowego stroju, za to… «» , . 5 ! « + » 31 2018 . 300 ./. «» , . 5 ! « + » 31 2018 . 300 ./. I don`t know yet if it`s better. My CPU shows about 8% usage, but o have 2 other sites open at same time just now. Let`s see if it stabilizes to something better. What I can say about the new page CPU usage is much lower with the browser only 2 to 5% of the CPU. Though I have all video ads directed to a network black hole and I’m only letting the static ones in. However, the most recent posts really do need to appear before the popular posts instead of afterward. It’s constantly annoying to have to scroll down another half page every single time… She’s really cute. ↑↑↑ Look Kurumi cosplay ♥ - Porn Club © ↑↑↑
Date: May 15, 2018