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Last edited on Feb 26 2018. Submitted by Racer x. from Vallejo, CA, USA on Jun 03 2008. military slang for a bed or bunk. See more words with the same meaning: military (related to). See more words with the same meaning: to go to bed.
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The standard size for racks is nineteen inches across, although the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standard is 23”. Nineteen inch racks are typically 73.5 inches high. For this purpose, the size of equipment designed to be rack-mounted is specified in terms of rack units (U), which equal 1.75 inches. Racks contain multiple mounting slots called bays, each designed to hold a hardware unit secured in place with screws. ( Definition continues below the image .)
Workforce management (WFM) is an integrated set of processes that a company uses to optimize the productivity of its employees.
A rack, in an IT (information technology) context, is a supporting framework that holds hardware modules. In this context, racks typically contain servers, hard disk drives and other computing equipment. Racks make it possible to contain a lot of equipment in a small physical footprint without requiring shelving.
Nineteen-inch racks are used in data centers and server rooms as well as ISP, telecommunication and computing facilities. Other uses for racks include audio and video equipment such as amplifiers and small scale audio mixers and industrial power, control and automation hardware.
late 14c., “wrecked ship,” probably from Middle Dutch wrak “wreck,” cognate with Old English wræc “misery, punishment,” and wrecan “to punish, drive out” (see wreak). The meaning “damage, disaster, destruction” (in wrack and ruin ) is from c.1400, from the Old English word. Sense of “seaweed, etc., cast up on shore” is recorded from 1510s.
“clouds driven before the wind,” c.1300, also “rush of wind, collision, crash,” originally a northern word, possibly from Old English racu “cloud” (or an unrecorded Scandinavian cognate of it), reinforced by Old Norse rek “wreckage, jetsam,” or by influence of Old English wræc “something driven;” from Proto-Germanic *wrakaz , from PIE root *wreg- “to push, shove” (see wreak- ). Often confused with wrack (n.), especially in phrase rack and ruin (1590s). The distinction is that rack is “driven clouds;” wrack is “seaweed cast up on shore.”
“cut of animal meat and bones,” 1560s, of unknown origin; perhaps from some resemblance to rack (n.1). Cf. rack-bone “vertebrae” (1610s).
(also rack out) To sleep; nap; cop zs : Ill rack out for awhile on the grass till I get it together (1960s+ Teenagers) To denigrate severely; trash : Why rack Clinton? (1990s+)
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Last edited on Feb 26 2018. Submitted by Ian A. from Pasadena, CA, USA on Dec 31 1997. a thousand dollars. My 72 ragtop cost 30 racks. See more words with the same meaning: money.
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For the average consumer, fuel rack price does not mean much. However, for the fuel retailer, this price has an impact. That rack rate is what tells them to raise their prices. If rack rates are going up, the fuel retailer needs to raise their prices to cover the rising costs. When the rates go down, the retailer will be slower to respond to the dip in their gas prices. Unless a direct competitor lowers prices, the retailer can get a bit more profit for every gallon of gas sold.
Refineries sell gasoline to wholesalers and directly to some fuel retailers. When the driver pulls the truck up to load the tanker, he or she parks in a loading rack. The truck driver gets an invoice for the gas to be delivered to a particular client. That invoice indicates the “rack” rate the client will need to pay for the delivery, which is usually set once a day.
Gasoline costs can fluctuate rapidly, especially when there is turmoil in oil-production and refining regions. Some of the volatility in gasoline costs comes from the fuel rack price that a fuel retailer pays upon delivery. Fuel retailers need to understand what the rack price is and why it is so important to their businesses.
The rack price includes the cost of the gas itself, as well as transportation, overhead, and profit costs. The price can vary from terminal to terminal and depends on the cost of crude oil and related refining costs. The rack price also depends upon the distance between the fuel retailer and wholesale terminal. A gas station located far from a terminal is going to pay a higher fuel rack price than one located just down the street.
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During the Inquisition, the torturers would stretch their victims on a rack.
. ☰
. ☰
This physical structure provides equipment placement and orchestration within a data center facility.
A data center rack is primarily designed to house servers in different form factors (such as rack-mounted or blade servers). Although they are mainly designed to hold servers, some are designed to hold other components, such as:
A data center rack is a type of physical steel and electronic framework that is designed to house servers, networking devices, cables and other data center computing equipment.
Networking equipment Telecommunication equipment Cooling systems UPS.
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The company is now well and truly on the rack. ☰
. ☰
The house had been left to go to rack and ruin.
If you are saving your report as a Microsoft Office Visio shape on the drawing, select whether to save a copy of the report definition with the shape or to link to the report definition.
In the Reports list, click the name of the report definition that you want to use.
In Visio 2016, the control handle is: .
Connection points at the lower corners of the equipment shape are glued to the connection points on the Rack shape. When the equipment shape is correctly connected to the Rack shape, the connection points turn to a different color, indicating that they are glued.

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